Rediscover Joy

Build Unity

Experience Peace

A two day getaway to recharge and refresh your marriage

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Whether you’re newly married or have been married for a few decades, this weekend will be a time to breathe life into various aspects of your marriage.

Married Couples.


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This conference will provide an opportunity for you to invest in your relationship by stepping away from the busyness of life in order to recharge, refresh and journey deeper into the sacrament.

A Great Marriage Doesn't Just Happen.


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A conference where you’ll hear life-giving messages and engaging stories that will inspire and spark something new in each of you. You will also be given practical tools designed to help you build unity, rediscover joy and experience peace in your marriage.

Two Day Getaway Catholic Marriage Conference.


Discover Breathe

A Two-Day Getaway to Breathe Life Into Your Marriage

What are Couples Saying About Breathe?

Thank you for a wonderful conference!

What a blessing to our marriage and to the church!
Your humble, real and life-giving presentation style will touch many hearts.

—  Laura, Regina, SK

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